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Multiple Customer Representative

With Spechy, we have enabled you to open multiple Whatsapp accounts on a single system and also allow you to reply simultaneously with multiple customer representatives.

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Proactive Messages

We have developed the proactive message module for you to send promotional, survey and advertising messages to your customers at any time.


Communication Channel Integration

We have integrated other WhatsApp channels to help you continue the communication that started with Whatsapp with communication channels such as video calls, phone, e-mail.

Video Messages

We asked your customers to receive or send Video Messages for better service.

Visual Messages

We added visual sharing as a module for Customer Service.

Location Information

We wanted address recipes to be easier, and we added the location information sharing feature.

File Attachments

We have enabled you to send and receive files such as Excel, PDF, Word, Powerpoint from social media.

Unique, Fast, Easy

Customer Experience

  • All Communication History in One Screen
  • Advanced Analysis and Reports

We have provided the measurement of all messaging and customer representative performances made by your Call Center via Whatsapp. With the distribution algorithm we have developed, we have developed detailed reports and analyzes regarding this communication channel, allowing you to respond to whatsapp messages faster. As with other communication channels, we have ensured that all metrics that will help you measure the customer experience for whatsapp are measurable and instantaneous.

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Whatsapp Erişim
via Whatsapp

Reach Millions!

We have integrated the system with Whatsapp click to chat so that you can reach millions of target Whatsapp users on mobile and web, we have enabled your customers to reach you with whatsapp business, whether in your mobile application or on your website.

Seamless Customer Experience

Facilitate seamless customer experiences between your brand and your customers with WhatsApp Business.
We have developed a WhatsApp module so that you can use WhatsApp Business as a permanent and continuous communication tool with real-time and asynchronous conversations with our customers.
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Omnichannel Call Center

Omnichannel Call Center
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