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Safe Search

With end-to-end encryption, we've kept your calls private. Whether it's a one-on-one or group call, we've made sure your conversations on Spechy are always private with end-to-end encryption. 

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Easy Start

We have made it possible for your customers to start a video call with just one link, without the need to make a Video Call with you or download an app.


All Everywhere

Regardless of Windows, Mac, Android, your customers can call you from the device they use and love. Thanks to WebRTC technology built into modern browsers, Spechy has developed video and audio calls to work as soon as you click the link.

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Image Recording

After the Call Center Video Call, we enabled you to record the calls, watch the images again and again, make a quality assessment or see the calls with complaints. While doing this, we registered both your customers and your representatives separately.


High Quality Image

With the technology we have developed, we have ensured that your audio and video travel the shortest possible distance to reach the other party in order to ensure minimum delay and HD clear communication.

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Reporting Analysis

We also prepared Call Center Video Call reports for you on the basis of representatives and notifications. We designed reports on a channel basis to measure and also report operational processes. 

EMail, SMS, Whatsapp

One Click Start

  • On All Devices
  • Via Browser
  • Without App Download

We have enabled your customers to make a video call with you with a video link that you will send without installing any application.

Video Görüşme
Face to Face Communication
Save Time!

Face to Face Communication

  • Faster
  • More Efficient
  • Measurable
  • Less Cost

With our Video Call Module, we have developed the video call system for you to eliminate your field visit costs, reach your customers faster and communicate more efficiently. 

Advanced Conversation Screen

We have designed our call center customer representative screen to be flexible so that the representative can move freely during the call and have quick access to customer information.
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Görüntülü Anket


After making a Video Call, we have established a structure where you can show your customers a survey and ask them to evaluate the calls.

Call Recording

Spechy Call Center records video calls separately as representatives and customers.
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Omnichannel Call Center

Omnichannel Call Center
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