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Automatic Email Delivery

We have provided real-time distribution of e-mails sent to your business to the representatives with the distribution rules you specify. Thus, we have designed a module for you to record e-mails and return to your customers faster.  

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Correspondence Records

We kept records of the e-mail conversations you made in the Call Center and made it easy for you to access and read. 


Template Submission

We made it possible for you to send HTML templates to your customers and manage the communication in a more controlled way. We have ensured that the e-mails are sent automatically by the system according to the actual conditions. 


E-Mail Tracking System

  • Real Time Read Opened
  • Trigger
  • Template Submission
  • Auto Responder

We are aware of the importance of the emails you receive from and send to your customers. For this reason, with advanced e-mail management, we have enabled your customer representatives to follow up the customer and call the customer immediately when they read the e-mail you sent, to contact them via web chat, even to make video calls, along with using template messages and quick replies.  

Email Yönetimi
Instant Email Distribution

Don't Miss the Opportunities!

Spechy is built to make the most of every email you send. If your buyer does not respond to you, we have provided the trigger feature to send the buyer an e-mail again and be informed about your new product campaign services. Moreover, we offer the same feature not only for the e-mail you send, but also for the e-mails you receive. We record and report the responses received and given to the e-mails separately for the representatives, in this way, you can make your analysis in more detail.   


We have developed an e-mail survey system to measure customer satisfaction in the e-mails you send. Moreover, we do these transactions by putting your customers at the center.
CX Müşteri Deneyimi


We offer you detailed analyzes and reports just like in other channels. We report customer service performance and representative performances together with e-mail read opened reports.

Omnichannel Call Center

Omnichannel Call Center
Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Phone, Web Chat, EMail


We have enabled you to provide integrated service to customers in all incoming calls to Call Centers, we have enabled your Customer Call Center to come through the communication channel they prefer, and we have deduplicated your customers coming from all these communication channels. Thus, we have made it possible for you to see the entire communication history of a customer. With the Spechy OmniChannel Call Center Platform, we have enabled you to better serve your customers.

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